The abuse of disabled parking spaces and Mother and Child spaces appears to be continuing.

Around Milngavie, you can expect to see a disabled person or a harassed Mum with young children desperately circling car parks, trying to find a convenient space.

The only way I can see to try and prevent such blatant abuse of these designated spaces, is to hit the offenders where it hurts – directly in the wallet.

I know there has been talk for a long time about imposing fines on drivers who abuse these parking spaces and if it is possible to bring such legislation into force, then the quicker the better.

In the States, there are far stringent measures in place. Heavy fines, public humiliation via tannoy/publicity and a regular car park attendant presence seems to work.

As one disabled person once remarked to me, “They want our parking spaces. Would they like to have our disability as well?”

  1. Very sexist comment.
    Who cares if one has young children ?
    Don’t take them to the shops if its not feasible . . . . WALK
    Disabled people can park where they like, who cares ?

  2. Parents have every right to take kids to the shops, feasibility as you put it is a ridiculous point as you obviously don’t understand the point of a child friendly parking space. It’s not just its proximity it’s the fact it’s bigger to help getting babies in and out of prams.
    Its entirely ‘feasible’ for someone without kids to park in a normal space so why go out of their way to make someone elses life harder?

  3. And obviously the majority of people care about disabled parking spaces, that’s why there is legislation in that area.

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